Face Retirement from Merrill Edge

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Vývojář: Bank of America

What will you look like in the future? Find out with Face Retirement™ from Merrill Edge®, Bank of America Corporation®.

Face Retirement is a realistic face-aging app that transforms your still photo into a lifelike 3D animation—so you can meet your future self face to face.

It’s not always a pretty picture. But then again, neither is the projected cost of living. So we’ll also show you how much everyday items like gas, bread and coffee could cost in the future, giving you an even clearer picture of what life could be like in retirement, along with some simple steps to help streamline how you get there.

After all, preparing for retirement is easier when it’s staring you in the face.

What is Merrill Edge?
Merrill Edge is a streamlined investment service that gives you the investment insights of Merrill Lynch and the convenience of Bank of America banking to help streamline your financial life.

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• See what you’ll look like at retirement age and beyond
• Transform a still photo into a lifelike 3D animation
• Share your aged photo on Facebook and Twitter
• See projected costs of everyday items in the future
• Plus, much more

While the Face Retirement from Merrill Edge app may run on older devices, it is optimized and recommended for use on iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 4 and newer, and iPad mini with Retina Display and newer models.